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Updated January 2009

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How to write a letter to the editor…

Letters to the Editor are one of the most effective ways to publicly demand improved aviation safety. Try and keep your letters short and also send them to your hometown newspapers. Sign the letters and include your name, address, telephone number and email address, so that the newspapers can verify that the letter was from you. Newspapers will not publish anonymous letters; however, you may ask them to not use your name, or use your name, initials, or name and hometown.

If your letters are published please forward a copy for NADA/F files. Feel free to state that you are a member of the National Air Disaster Alliance, or sign off with your name and the following: “Member”

We have received media calls looking for people who wrote Letters to the Editor that were published. If you want to talk with the press, this is another way for them to find you. Letters to the Editor often get the attention of the Reporters and Editors.

Free Registration to the NADA/F Annual Meeting or Regional Meeting to those who have a Letter to the Editor published regarding aviation safety or security.

See you in the News!

Gail Dunham

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July 17, 2008 — Fuel Tank Inerting Required Great news! Federal agencies approved rulemaking to require fuel-tank inerting to prevent explosions in newly manufactured aircraft, and upgrades to more than 3,000 commercial aircraft in service today.

June 22, 2008 (PDF) “To Promote International Aviation Safety and Honest Investigations” Thai Airlines “One-Two-Go” flight OG269 crashed September 16, 2007. The FAA and NTSB must do more. This airline should never have been a Category 1 “most trusted” classification. Learn much more about this shocking story.

July 9, 2007 Press Release (PDF) “New Boeing 787 Dreamliners to have fuel tank Inerting.”

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