Open Letter to the Survivors of US Airways flight 1549

To the survivors of US Airways flight 1549, the “flight on the Hudson River,”

We wish to extend our sincere congratulations, and extreme pleasure, to the survivors and family members from USAirways flight 1549.

As a survivor, or family member, you may be feeling overwhelmed after the shock of the flight landing in the Hudson River and the incredible rescue. We are grateful and thankful that all survived, but survivors need time to process and comprehend what it means to be an air crash survivor.

The National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation (NADA/F) is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 by air crash survivors and those who lost loved ones in hundreds of crashes. From our members worldwide, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you work through the crash impact for the short term and the long term.

From our experiences, like yours, we offer the following:

REST: Your body is working hard to sustain the trauma you have just experienced.

RETREAT: When you are feeling overwhelmed, trust your instincts and know that you can say “No.”

RELY: On family and close friends who can share the workload with you.

RESIST: Intrusion of others who are not close, helpful, and no understanding of what you experienced.

REALIZE: You will be faced with realities and tasks as you regain your life.

RESERVE: Your rights to privacy, and to make your own decisions. Be cautious about who you rely on for counseling, as your privacy is important for the short term and long term.

REMEMBER: There are family and friends who are there for you.

NADA/F members encourage survivors to rest and take your time after such a horrific experience. Feel free to contact us if we may be helpful to you in any way.

Matthew Ziemkiewicz, President NADA/F
Northern NJ, responded to US1549

Gail Dunham, Executive Director
Summerfield NC