Open Letter from Smolensk family members to MH17 family members

August 8, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, we would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the families whose loved ones died in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing [MH17].

When on April 2010, the [Polish] government TU-154M crashed [in Smolensk, Russia], no one could understand that this plane carrying the most important people in the Polish State, could have simply been in an accident. To our dismay, all subsequent waves of propaganda campaigns served to us by the Russians, and dishonest and thoughtless Poles [representing official Polish governmental bodies, alike], exceeded our wildest fears.

My late, defenseless husband, and I, personally were falsely attacked and cornered from all sides. The Russians unscrupulously tried to convince you that it was the Polish side that bore responsibility for this disaster.

In order to hide the real cause of the tragedy, the Russian MAK falsely accused my husband – General of the Polish Army, Commander of the Polish Air Force, a model NATO officer – that, under the influence of alcohol, he exerted undue pressure on the pilots. After several months of thorough investigation, all these deceitful claims were proven to be nothing more than a cruel Russian propaganda hoax.

These days we hear the same disinformation in relation to the tragedy of the Malaysian passenger Boeing, in which nearly 300 innocent people had died. The administration of President Vladimir Putin is trying to convince the World that it is Ukraine that stands behind this tragedy.

You, ladies and gentlemen, are in a much better position than we were four years ago. You have the support of not only your own government[s], but also other Western countries. In order to expose the Smolensk Lie, we widows, mothers, daughters, sons, husbands, and brothers [of the victims of the April 10, 2010 crash], could rely only on ourselves, the support of the Parliamentary Group, and independent media. We never accepted Russia’s false and tendentious obfuscations. Immediately after the death of our loved ones, we embarked on this ill-matched battle to win the truth. We shall remain on this road and follow it, wherever it leads and however long it takes, until the world knows the full truth about the tragedy of April 10, 2010.

The downing of the Malaysian Boeing [MH17] and the crash of Tu-154M bare uncanny similarities, aptly visible in Russia’s behavior, as well the resultant social ramifications [of both tragedies]. For this reason, we pledge our full commitment and readiness to cooperate with you, in explaining the causes of both disasters.

We are confident that our joint efforts can bring to justice the guilty of these crimes, and that the truth about the death of our loved ones, will be at last known throughout the world.

– Ewa Blasik, widow of the late General, Andrzej Błasik

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