Back To Blogging! HR 3371

Given the short period of time I’ve been at this, I need to find a way to better balance this responsibility when the rest of my life gets busy!   I apologize for the time away, I’m trying to get back to it!  I’ll cover the last few weeks in another post soon.

But today, I’ll acknowledge yesterday’s passage of HR 3371, the Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009.  Full text and action can be found via  Influenced by findings following the crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407,  the bill addresses issues of pilot fatigue, training and licensing requirements (via Empire State News).

Executive Director, Gail Dunham, had these words for NADA/F members yesterday:

NADA/F founding members from AA3379, the commuter crash in Raleigh, Dec. 1994, first influenced this legislation [PRIA, the Pilots Records Improvement Act] in 1996.  Revisions have been made through the years, but this is a step up again.  We can be proud of our legislation and how it has grown.

More information on PRIA can be found in this 2002 GAO follow up report.