German AirFrance 447 Families’ Letter to the Families of MH370 Passengers

Sharing this at the German AF447 Families’ request (via Families and Friends of American Eagle 4184).

H I O P A F 4 4 7 e. V.

H i n t e r b l i e b e n e d e r O p f e r d e s F l u g z e u g a b s t u r z e s A F 4 4 7
Barnackufer 29 b
12207 BERLIN


Berlin, 16th March 2014

Dear All,

On behalf of the families of the German victimes of flight AF447, which crashed on 1st of June 2009, we would like to express to you our sympathy and compassion in these days of utmost anxiety about the fate of your beloved ones on flight MH370.

Alike you we are completely dismayed about the vague and partially contradicting information policy by the Malaysian Government. As MH370 is an international flight and booked by passengers from various countries you as families should feel entitled to approach your respective national Governments to put pressure on the Malysian military and civil authorities to speed up the investigations and to care for quicker release of findings.

We also encourage you to demand together with your national Governments right now and in addition to ICAO Annex 13 (Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation) a neutral investigation to be carried out by compentent experts of your choice in order to safeguard full transparency and best pratices be applied. In this respect the families concerned should also envisage a legal incorporation in form of an association in their respective homecountries.

As to immediate financial aid we recommend that you demand from Malaysia Airlines a first installment out of 113,100 special drawing rights according to the Montreal Convention of 28th May 1999.

Watching your case very carefully and sending you our sincerest wishes

Dr. Bernd Gans, President,

Barbara Crolow, Vice-President,

P. S. We also recommend to distribute these lines as an open letter to the international and local press companies