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November 1999 Newsletter

Dear Friend of NADA/F,

Thank you for everything you have done for air safety and helping to make 1999 a successful year for NADA/F. You are part of the largest air-safety group in the world. More and more people are finding out about us through the media and our website, and our mailing list of members, friends, and international supporters has more than doubled this year!

We had an excellent Annual Meeting in October in Detroit. More than 80 people renewed old friendships and welcomed new members. Speakers included NADA/F friends such as Mary Schiavo, Bob Allardyce, and William Kauffman from the University of Michigan. Bill captured everyone's attention on the regulatory delays and failures that remain the greatest obstacle to air safety.

The cornerstone of our safety program is to impress on the FAA that it must implement 100% of the NTSB's fatal air crash derived recommendations--20% of those are still in the "Open Unacceptable Response" category--80% compliance is just NOT acceptable when people's lives are at stake!

And, at a time when airline profits have soared to $25 million a day, the FAA still allows years of delay for the implementation of simple known technology such as smoke detectors in the cargo hold. Our Goals 2000 call for Congressional Hearings to disclose these unconscionable delays.

But to do all this, we need your help! Your gift to the NATIONAL AIR DISASTER FOUNDATION of $20 per person will make you a member through the year 2000 and helps cover the costs of your newsletters, alerts, meeting invitations, and regional meeting notices.

Additional contributions are urgently needed to raise awareness about the need for child restraint seats in flight, the safety of unaccompanied minors, upgraded flight data recorders, smoke detectors, bans on hazardous materials on passenger aircraft, higher standards of air safety for all airlines flying inside the U.S., and more. Together, we will ensure that air safety standards harmonize UP, not DOWN!

For some of you, perhaps now is the time to consider a donation of $10,000 or more which would endow the expenses of our Annual Air Safety Award. Another $10,000 donation would endow a new Air Safety Award for Journalism--special annual recognition to someone whose investigative work has disclosed unsafe air practices. Interest income from these one-time gifts will provide a gift forever.

Please join the hundreds of individual donors who gave generously to NADF in 1999! Thanks again!

Yours truly,
Gail Dunham, President


Earlier this year Edward Block was awarded the first research grant received by NADA/F, the Howard L. Rietz Honorarium, a $5,000 grant for funding independent research of aircraft wire and cable, and recognizing contributions to improved air safety.


Speech from Carole Rietz, October 3, 1999
NADA/F Vice President Email:

"It takes personal courage to create change. It takes people who will say and do the right thing when it is unpopular, when it cost them their job. The NADA/F Safety Award is intended to highlight this courage. This year's recipient is a whistle blower for sure, and there are times when we become acutely aware that we need one.

He said it well when A.M. Rosenthal of the "New York Times" saw Auschwitz for the first time: 'I understood that silence was a sin.' Mr. Block's qualifications as a nationally recognized wire and cable expert, though impressive, are not what won my heart. I was swayed by his outspoken citizenship. Here is a guy talking about something the industry and our own government clearly did not want to talk about. This is when the prevailing atmosphere seemed to be. 'Don't stir up the hornet's nest, we'll tell them what we want them to know.'

When I started to be involved in aviation safety, another more experienced person discouraged me from talking to the press. The idea seemed to be to negotiate privately for change, not publicly. When I started working with Ed, I asked if it was okay to give his phone number to someone. Ed said I could give his phone number to anyone or repeat anything he said. No secrets! I like that, maybe the FAA could adopt that as a policy and fire all the PR people. One time he advised me to 'never stop talking.' He sent me the following email when I was going to Washington DC and I was a bit scared. It is good advice for all of us, and it reflects the simple heart and clarity of character and purpose in his own life that I have come to admire and respect.

Dear Carole, The finest china goes through the hottest furnace. The reasons for things are not always there when we want them, but they are there. It is essential that you turn that emotion into constructive action, because all the good that can come from this situation is now within your grasp. Your son would be proud of you just as I am, and all those who have grown in strength since seeing yours. Keep fighting the good fight since all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. ED

It is indeed an honor to present the 1999 NADA/F Award for Contributions to Improved Air Safety to Edward B. Block."


Brian Bell traveled from Alaska to attend our annual meeting and NADA/F has appreciated his help and support in so many ways. Many of us receive his website newsletter and it was great to meet him in person! Brian is the Editor of the largest electronic daily aviation newsletter in the world. 
If you would like to automatically receive the newsletter at no charge just send your email address to Brian at the following and request the newsletter: AirJet@AirlineBiz.com. As I am writing to you, Brian has daily updates while he is on site in Newport, RI. AirJet is the source for aviation news! Also, if you have an aviation news story feel free to share it with AirJet@AirlineBiz.com 


During the week of October 18-22, 1999, several NADA/F members attended the Crisis Response Team (CRT) Training offered by NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) in Baltimore, MD. Participants included Brian Bell, Caryl Dawson, Joe & Olive Duffy, Gail Dunham, Diane Fowles, Delphine Glenn, Jim Hurd, Mary Kahl, Bill Mackin, Bob Monetti, Joan Pontante and Larry & Helen Siebert. An additional 31 participants included pastors, psychologists, school officials and counselors, and various victim advocates from law enforcement, etc.

Discussions covered the basic crisis reactions and emotions, short & long term stress factors, death notification, bereavement, crisis intervention, counseling, spiritual issues and group crisis interventions skills. Four teams were created to present a case study on 4 different scenarios, one being an airline crash. A simulation of a group crisis intervention and other discussions gave many of us an opportunity to educate the other 31 participants about what is happening in airline travel and the trauma that results from airline crashes. Each participant also had a chance to practice his or her skills in facilitating a group crisis intervention.

Our eyes were opened to the reality of basic needs for families affected by a crisis. Merely wanting to go to a crash site to help in some way is not good enough. We believe that NADA/F family members could provide important support for others after an air crash, however, there is a need for training to prevent the victimization from reoccurring needlessly after the initial event. Many of our own members can report endless atrocities happening to them after their crash. Our NOVA educators also acknowledged that the method of death notification had a direct correlation to the trauma suffered long after the crisis. It was also recommended that we refer to our anniversary dates as "Remembrance Dates."

This week of comradeship gave us a chance for bonding and renewing our strength to carry on after the tragedies that bring us together. Our thanks to Jim Hurd for the fine job he did in organizing the training session for NADA/F and also for the chauffeur services and the fine dining recommendations.

Mary Kahl, Board Member Liaison to United 232 Email: Mkahlcul8@aol.com



· Donations are needed for our general operating expenses for 2000...we communicate our message through mailings, telephone, fax, and our expanding website. We are communicating with twice as many people as we did one year ago, and unfortunately, our expenses to do so have also grown!

· Help us continue the Disaster Volunteer Training Program for our members so they may best support victims' families for short-term and long-term friendship and support.

· Annual Meeting and other general expenses. . . we must continue to build on the success of our Annual Meetings, the next of which is planned for Washington, DC in the fall of 2000. (October 28-29, 2000, Washington DC)

· We would love to be able to remember each of our loved ones, air crash victims, on the anniversary event. Your specific gift for the Memorial Fund would enable us to continue to send flowers or remembrances on those anniversaries--and flowers from NADA/F for the first memorial service for our friends at EgyptAir 990, and whoever may sadly follow.

· Since June 1, 1999 we have responded to AA1420, the Kennedy/Bessette tragedy, Payne Stewart's fatal flight, and most recently EgyptAir 990--more people and press have contacted us as the lack of air safety is on "the front page." This has greatly strained our operating budget and we need your help so that we can share information about NADA/F with the press and others.

· NADA/F presence in Washington, DC. . . while our mailing address is there, financial constraints have not allowed us to be there, where we are most needed to reach the decision-makers who can help us achieve our goals. Funding for the first year would be approximately $100,000. Your special gift, and your ideas for space (or ideas for donated space) would be deeply appreciated!

·As you can imagine, your gifts WILL make a difference! Thank you!

Your "Year 2000" Board Members

All gifts to the NATIONAL AIR DISASTER FOUNDATION are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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