Who We Are

Who We Are

Mission: To raise the standard of safety, security and survivability for aviation passengers and to support survivors and victims’ families.

NADA/F is the largest grassroots air safety organization in the U.S. We represent survivors, family members, those who have lost loved ones, aviation professionals, the traveling public, those impacted by over 100 air disasters worldwide, and those who care as deeply as we do about aviation safety and security.

NADA/F is a non-profit corporation incorporated in 1995. We work through constructive communications with the media, all levels of government, public and private agencies, manufacturers and industry associations, social service agencies, other air crash groups, and more. We will inform and educate the flying public on critical issues, and we will advocate for reform.

At times we are the only air safety group on record opposing unsafe practices.

We rely on donations to cover communication expenses, general operations, mailings, memorial flowers to honor our loved ones, annual meetings and much more.

We offer public testimony whenever and wherever possible, to educate and inform the public about the need for the highest standard of aviation safety.

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