How We Do It

Family members have accomplished amazing things while promoting Safety, Security, Survivability and Support for Victims and Families, however, it takes time, energy and more to force the government and industry to be accountable for fatal flaws, and to mandate remedies for safety and security.

Family members have “a need to know” and often want to work for aviation safety to prevent others from experiencing a similar disaster. Family members investigate and become very knowledgeable about the causes of disasters; and they are a strong recognized voice for action to promote the highest standards of aviation safety and security.

Air crash survivors and family members sadly learn that aviation disasters are preventable, and often so easily preventable. Family members have made a difference through the decades by pushing again and again for thorough and honest scientific crash investigations, and disclosure of the truth.

Outrage is normal, but it is not enough. Family members use many tools as they advocate for change and become experts about their own crash, and others too. Family members often are eager to access original source documents concerning their crash, and dig deeper during and after the NTSB investigation.

Family members advocate through their Members of Congress and U.S. Senators, although some elected officials are more responsive that others. We work hard to get the attention of the media, but too often aviation safety is upstaged by celebrity events. We also email, call and mail to connect with other family members who share the same concerns and dedication to right a terrible wrong; and we push government and industry officials to give their attention, expertise and resources to make flying safer.

The following links are just a few of the tools our members have used to be effective in the past. Most important, working together, people can be successful advocates for aviation safety and security for the long term.

Contact Your Members of Congress, the U.S. Senate and the White House

How do we get the attention of our elected officials? Learn More.

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was created by Congress in 1966 to give the public access to information held by the federal government. Click here to refer to requests for information and/or documents that you want to receive from the federal government. FOIA is an important tool for accessing information and has been very helpful to NADA/F members. Learn More.


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Working with the Government and Industry: FAA ARAC and TSA ASAC.

We have earned our place at the table and make constructive contributions to the aviation rule making process. NADA/F is a member organization of the:

Go to Stock Shareholder Meetings to Speak Directly with the Decision‑makers

NADA/F owns stock in Boeing and Alaska Airlines, and our members attend their Annual Shareholder Meetings so that we are able to ask questions directly to Board of Directors and CEO.

How You Can Help!

A stock donation to NADF is tax-deductible and will enable us to attend more aviation corporate meetings.

If you are able to attend a Shareholder Meeting in Chicago, Seattle WA, Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, or Phoenix, please volunteer! Investor Annual Meetings are usually held in April, or in spring.