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Family members have networked with each other for many years, from crashes long ago to very recent aviation disasters. We know that our friendships are very unique because of the bond that we share. NADA/F announced our Family Support Team in 2001 (FSTeam) to give direct support for survivors and family members immediately following an air crash. Our program was developed and updated by our family members and professional responders.

NADA/F’s FSTeam was activated as a partner to provide support for Pentagon survivors and victims’ families at the Pentagon Family Command Center through October 11, 2001.

We are proud of our FSTeam participation at the Pentagon, plus other air crash training, memorial events for family members, and individual support to meet a wide range of needs for disaster training and family members after aviation disasters. We have agreements with aviation industry providers and are ready to serve when called. After 9/11 the industry grounded 20% of the commercial planes, and as we know, there have been fewer commercial crashes. In 2008 with cutbacks in flights, once again the airlines are retiring older aircraft. It is good that there are fewer disasters which accounts for less need for FSTeam, however FSTeam stays prepared for the long term.

We are proud of our program and our volunteers, who have excellent professional skills and life experiences to aid them in helping others. Some air crash family members even returned to school to become degreed professionals for their life’s work.

NADA/F has been approached to provide volunteers to offer direct support for victims’ families after an air crash. In response to requests to provide volunteers to offer direct support for victims’ families, we prepared to fill a unique gap for assistance in times of extreme need. While the Red Cross provides mental health counselors and spiritual counselors, our Family Support Team (FSTeam) listens, provide privacy, and helps to meet the myriad of needs — ones our volunteers have themselves experienced — in a time of tragedy and confusion.

Our goal is to ensure that survivors and victims’ families have their short and long term needs met after an aviation disaster. We will not be doing mental health, spiritual, or legal counseling, We will be helping people with what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

How to Join the Family Support Team

If you have an interest in participating as a Family Support Team (FSTeam) member with NADA/F, the first step is to request an informational packet.

Remember, if and when you might ever be called upon, you may accept or decline the assignment, however, if you accept it will be with the understanding that you will give your full attention to providing support to victims’ families. We do not know where, when, or if we will be needed, however, it is important to organize FSTeam before we are called!

Volunteers with conversational ability in foreign languages are especially welcome.

If you would like to request the initial information packet, or just to learn more, please make your request by sending us an email.

It is critical to remember that survivors and family members are normal people, having normal reactions, to an abnormal event. NADA/F Family Support Team (FSTeam) volunteers share a unique bond. We are part of a ‘Club’. . . a ‘Club’ we never wanted to join. We have pooled our experiences and the strength we have shown, and put them to work.

Information about crisis response training.

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