Board Members

Board of Directors 2010
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Matt  Ziemkiewicz Matt Ziemkiewicz, President
Rutherford, NJ
TWA 800, 7/17/96, New York
Lost his sister Jill, Flight Attendant
Tricia Coffman Tricia Andria Coffman, VP
Richmond VA
Circuit City Cessna Citation corporate jet, 2/16/05, Colorado
Lost her husband David
Rosemary Dillard, Jewell Praying Wolf James, Abraham Scott & Janice Punches Rosemary Dillard, VP
Bloomfield Hills MI
AA 77, 9/11/01, Pentagon.
Lost her husband Eddie
Rosemary is retired from the airlines. A former Flight Attendant Base Manager for all three Washington DC airports, she is also Co-chair of the Pentagon Memorial Fund.
Connie Fahey, 2nd from left, with Comair family members, and Jackie Burnett, NADA/F  Family Support Team member Connie Fahey, VP
Comair/DL 5191, 8/27/06, Lexington, KY
Lost son Thomas
Cindy with Monica Gabrielle Cindy Gagliano, VP
East Troy WI
AA 4184, 10/31/94, Roselawn IN
Lost her brother Jeff, Co-pilot
Beth Marchak, Cynthia Hamilton, Amanda Myers and Carmen Carmen Roberts-Thompson, VP
N. Amityville, NY
ValuJet 592, 5/11/96, Everglades, FL
Lost her son Philmore
Rich and Stacie Soumbeniotis Rich Rutecky, VP
Atlanta GA
Survivor AirTran in-flight fire, and
Lost his father on
Chalk’s Ocean Airways 101, 12/19/05, Miami FL
“A Lost Opportunity”
Personal Comments
Bob Monetti and Janice Janice Watson, VP
Boca Raton, FL
TWA 800, 7-17-96, New York
Lost daughter Jill
Founded “Wats:On?”, an annual Fine Arts Event/Distinguished Lecture Series at
Carnegie Mellon University, in memory of Jill Watson
Board Members 2010
Lea Ann Adkins Lea Ann Adkins
Mount Pleasant SC
UA 232, 7-19-89 Sioux City IA
Lost her husband Ken
David Evans, Ave Bransford  and John Goglia Ave Bransford
Atlanta, GA
Comair 3272, 1-9-97, Ida, MI
Lost her husband Roger
Mary Kahl, Mary Schiavo, and  Maureen Ken & Maureen Dobert
Moriches, NY
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CT-43, B-737, 4-3-96, Croatia
The “Ron Brown U.S. State Dept flight”
Lost their daughter Gail
Janis Ost
Santa Cruz CA
Alaska 261, 1-31-00 Point Magu, CA
Lost five family members including her mother and brother
Author “The Long Nights of Mourning, A Journey with Grief after Sudden Loss”
Jillian Smith Gustafson
Alexandria VA
TWA 800, 7-17-96 New York
Lost her step-father, Bill Story
Visit Jillian’s blog and join us with your comments
Gordon & Kathy Haberman Gordon & Kathy Haberman
West Bend WI
9/11/01, lost their daughter Andrea at the World Trade Center (WTC)
“Remembering Andrea”
“Statement at Ahmad Ressam Resentencing”
“Gitmo thoughts”
Alice Hoagland Alice Hoagland
Los Gatos CA
9/11/01, UA93 Shanksville PA
Lost her son Mark Bingham on
UA93 “the flight that fought back”
Kurt and Diane Horning Diane Horning
Matthews Way
Scotch Plains NJ
9/11/01, lost son Matthew at the
World Trade Center (WTC)

“Remembering: Visiting Memorials”
July 4, 2005
Mary and friend Mary Lykins Hummer
Glen Allen VA
Comair/DL 5191, 8-2706 Lexington KY
Lost her brother Charles
Trudie with Deb Hersman Trudie Iskowitz
Chester VA
Circuit City corporate jet,2-16-05
Cessna Citation, Colorado
Lost her husband Aaron
Mary Kahl, Jim Hurd and Christine Negroni Mary Kahl
Irwin, PA
UA 232, 7-19-89, Sioux City, IA,
Survivor with her husband Jim and son Jim
Babette Levin Babette GL Levin
Princeton, NJ
KAL 007 9-1-83 Northern. Japan
Lost her cousin
Joan Mestik, Barb McFann, Paul Knerr, and Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman” Barbara McFann
Alpharetta, GA
Sky Warriors, 4-19-99, Atlanta
Lost her husband Ted, a retired Delta Captain
Kim Modaff and Marita Brunner Kim Modaff
Sewickley, PA
AA 4184 10-31-94, Roselawn, IN
Lost sister, Sandy Modaff, a Flight Attendant
Kim is a former Flight Attendant
Jack Murphy Alice Murphy (and the late Jack Murphy)
Orange CT
Business Express Training Flight
12-28-91, Block Island RI
Lost their son John
Bob Monetti Bob Monetti
New Jersey
Pan Am 103 12-21-88
Lockerbie, Scotland
Lost son Rick
Paula Pearson
Greenwood SC
US 5481 1-8-03 Charlotte NC
Lost her mother Ima “Rae”
Maria-Helena Pereira Franco Maria-Helena Pereira Franco
Professional crisis responder
“Introduction to Maria-Helena”
Bonnie Rind Bonnie Rind
Newton MA
Thai One Two Go – Thai Orient
9-16-07 in Thailand
Lost her brother, Stefan Woronoff
“We need higher standards for International Commercial Aviation”
Kim Kenville, Jack and Alice Murphy, Allison Fahey Schorgl, Matt Ziemkiewicz and Gail Dunham Allison Schorgl
Overland Park KS
Comair/DL 5191 8-27-06
Lexington KY
Lost her brother Tom Fahey
Abe, Janice Punches, Tony Sellitto and Rosemary Dillard Abraham Scott
Springfield VA
9/11/01 Pentagon
Lost his wife Janice in the Pentagon
Paul and Susan Smith with David Evans and Bob Besco Susan Smith
Miramar Beach FL
ValuJet 592, 5-11-96, Everglades, FL
Lost son Jay
Gail Dunham Executive Director
Gail A. Dunham
Summerfield NC 27358
UA 585, Boeing 737, 3-3-91
Retired from the airlines
NADA/F has a nine-member Board of Directors and about 20 Board Members also promoting aviation safety and security. If you would like to serve on the Board, or work on a particular project please contact Matt Ziemkiewicz, President and/or Gail Dunham, Executive Director.