NADA/F Sponsored NOVA Crisis Response Team Training

During the week of October 18-22, 1999, several NADA/F members attended the Crisis Response Team (CRT) Training offered by NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) in Baltimore, MD. Participants included Brian Bell, Caryl Dawson, Joe & Olive Duffy, Gail Dunham, Diane Fowles, Delphine Glenn, Jim Hurd, Mary Kahl, Bill Mackin, Bob Monetti, Joan Pontante and Larry & Helen Siebert. An additional 31 participants included pastors, psychologists, school officials and counselors, and various victim advocates from law enforcement, etc.

Discussions covered the basic crisis reactions and emotions, short & long term stress factors, death notification, bereavement, crisis intervention, counseling, spiritual issues and group crisis interventions skills. Four teams were created to present a case study on 4 different scenarios, one being an airline crash. A simulation of a group crisis intervention and other discussions gave many of us an opportunity to educate the other 31 participants about what is happening in airline travel and the trauma that results from airline crashes. Each participant also had a chance to practice his or her skills in facilitating a group crisis intervention.

Our eyes were opened to the reality of basic needs for families affected by a crisis. Merely wanting to go to a crash site to help in some way is not good enough. We believe that NADA/F family members could provide important support for others after an air crash; however, there is a need for training to prevent the victimization from reoccurring needlessly after the initial event. Many of our own members can report endless atrocities happening to them after their crash. Our NOVA educators also acknowledged that the method of death notification had a direct correlation to the trauma suffered long after the crisis. It was also recommended that we refer to our anniversary dates as “Remembrance Dates,” or “Memorial Date.”

This week of comradeship gave us a chance for bonding and renewing our strength to carry on after the tragedies that bring us together. Our thanks to Jim Hurd for the fine job he did in organizing the training session for NADA/F and also for the chauffeur services and the fine dining recommendations.

Mary Kahl
Board Member
United 232