From the Last Few Days: Sept 24

I haven’t done a news summary in over a week, since I was out of town and internet-disabled for several of those days!  Since there is a lot to mention, I am going to really limit it to the last few days. . .


Sadly, last Sunday, four people were killed in a plane crash in Palm Beach County, Florida (via The Miami Herald).  The NTSB is investigating, but early reports say there may have been a fire on board.

Today, two French fighter jets crashed during a test flight in the Mediterrenean.  Early reports say that one pilot was rescued and one is missing (via Reuters).

Airspeed Sensors

Back in early September, the FAA ordered Thales airspeed sensors be replaced on over forty planes based on that being a possible factor in the crash of Air France 447 (via The New York Times).  But now, the European Aviation Safety Agency has issued a warning regarding the replacement, Goodrich Corp., valves (via the Philadelphia Inquirer).  They are encouraging airlines to check these sensors too.


In advance of the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December, the U.S. aviation industry is contemplating changes that may mitigate the impact of any future regulation and or taxes that result from the international negotiations (via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram).  The E.U. is already in the process of implementing a fee structure for greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes.  An industry group, of primarily international players, announced this week a goal of a 50% reduction in net carbon emissions by 2050 (via Just the Flight).


A new aircraft surveillance system, with Wide Area Multilateration technology, is being used to more closely monitor air traffic in mountain airports (via the Denver Post).

FedEx welcomed its first Boeing 777 freighter this week (via Memphis Commercial Appeal).

Yesterday, the House passed a short term funding measure for the FAA.  The Senate must also act (via the AP).

The Christian Science Monitor has a nice summary of yesterday’s Aviation Subcommittee hearing.

The FAA has cited Chicago O’Hare Airport for several safety violations, but the airport has reported that they are in the process of making corrections (via CBS News).

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