Oversight is the topic of the day.  There are many articles out there, but here is a brief view of the topics.

USA Today ran a cover story yesterday on the weak federal oversight of the charter flight industry in recent years.  Crash numbers in the story reflect a higher number of crashes in charter flights, as compared to commercial airlines, in four of the last six years.

Wall Street Journal reports on FAA’s efforts to tighten safety compliance rules.  It is relevant given the too-friendly relations between inspectors and airlines’ maintenance in recent years.  David Evans, over at Aviation Safety Journal, has a critique of the handling of the latest Southwest violation.

I certainly believe that all federal entities that have some oversight role have been reminded lately about what the consequences can be, when there is lack of attention. Oversight is crucial.


A Cessna 208 crash landed in a Massachusetts soybean field this afternoon.  The pilot and five passengers escaped (via The Berkshire Eagle).

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