25th Memorial of the Northwest Flight 255 Aviation Disaster

Thursday, August 16, 2012 – late evening

Ky Dickens will be at the Memorial site about 6:30 pm to discuss the documentary film Sole Survivor which will be completed soon and will premier early 2013. Ky is the Director and Writer of the film which focuses on four of the 14 sole survivors from major aviation disasters.  The film includes Northwest Flight 255 and Cecelia Cichan, the sole survivor.  It is a sensitive voice of victim’s experiences, and an honest face to survivorship. 

The Northwest 255 Memorial site is on the embankment of Middlebelt Road at the entrance to I‑94, east of Romulus, Michigan, just east of Detroit metropolitan Airport. There is a traffic light just prior to the embankment. Family members gather at the site starting at about 7:30 pm and have a simple service at 8:46 pm that includes a reading of the names of their loved ones.

We wish the family members a measure of peace wherever they will be on this 25th memorial.


Gail Dunham, Executive Director, NADA/F

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